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Signs Your Loved One Could Benefit from a Senior Living Community

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

The aging industry has come leaps and bounds from just a few decades ago. Fortunately, older adults now have resources and solutions at their fingertips to keep them feeling healthy and happy for their retirement years. Some seniors choose to age in place, remaining at home for as long as possible. However, these seniors can sometimes suffer from feelings of loneliness, depression or anxiety, as well as be more vulnerable to safety risks like falls.

If your loved one is living at home alone, they may be missing out on an opportunity. Here are a few signs your loved one may benefit from a senior living community in Dallas-Fort Worth.

Expressed Feelings of Loneliness

Senior living communities are thriving places, major hubs of social activity for the residents that call the community home. If your loved one has expressed feelings of loneliness, a senior living community could be just what they need to feel connected and engaged with their peers.

Chronic Pain or Complex Medical Conditions

Living at home alone while managing medications for pain or other complex medical conditions can be overwhelming and confusing. If your loved one lives with serious pain or other medical conditions, a senior living community in Dallas-Fort Worth could provide them with peace of mind, managing their medications and communicating with their physicians on their behalf.

Transportation Challenges

Your loved one can feel isolated and frustrated without reliable access to transportation services, especially if they no longer drive. Scheduling a local senior bus or hopping on public transportation can be challenging for even an active senior. Fortunately, senior living communities offer easy access to reliable transportation services, including planned outings to popular spots like the bank or grocery store, and trips to other places of interest.

Safety Concerns

Are you up at night worrying if your loved one is safe at home? Is your loved one too anxious to sleep because they are concerned about falling at night? All that extra anxiety is not good for their health, or for yours. Senior living communities offer peace of mind, as caregivers are nearby and ready to help in emergency situations. Residents and their family members can breathe a sigh of relief knowing safety is no longer a major concern.

Too Much Property

Finally, if your loved one’s home is simply too large to maintain, senior living would be an excellent option for healthy downsizing. Residents don’t worry about regular household chores, including lawn maintenance or housekeeping. With that extra time, seniors can enjoy time with friends or in activities.

Senior living is an excellent option for many older adults. If you are ready to learn more about a senior living community in Dallas-Fort Worth, do so with an expert by your side. The team at iNavigate Senior Living Solutions has extensive experience working with families just like you, finding the best fit for the older adult in their lives. We learn more about you, your loved one, your budget, and your goals and find a senior living community that is the solution everyone agrees on. Even better, we work hard for you at no cost to you.

Give our office a call to talk more about your challenges and your goals. We would be honored to be your guide through the senior living process.

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