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A Day in the Life at an Assisted Living Community

If you’re wondering if assisted living might be right for your loved one, it can be difficult to make a confident decision without understanding what life is actually like in a senior living community. While all senior living communities are unique, some highlights are similar from place to place: a focus on socialization between neighbors, help when you need it, and maintenance-free living.

Let us put you in the shoes of an assisted living resident by outlining what you can expect in a typical day!

In the Morning

As an assisted living resident, you get to choose when you’d prefer to wake up and start getting ready for the day. If you’re an early riser, you can request assistance with your morning routine. Friendly caregivers are there to provide customized support with morning tasks like showering, dressing, and grooming. As an early bird, you can head out to the common areas to catch up with other early-rising neighbors, watch the news, and read the newspaper before breakfast. For those who prefer to sleep in, a caregiver will stop by to provide support when you’re up and ready to begin the day.

It’s on to breakfast where neighbors catch up over delicious food. Meals at communities are served in a social dining room setting and residents have a choice from entrees like breakfast casserole, eggs benedict, and other seasonal specialties. Caregivers know just how you like your coffee too!

After breakfast, you can choose to attend a lively group exercise session. There’s a visiting yoga teacher leading the class today and your friend said she’d save you a seat. Or, you can always choose to head back to your apartment to call your daughter or finish up the Today Show.

There are other programs and events this morning too, if you’re interested. You might try out the cooking demonstration led by the Executive Chef or head out to run errands on the community bus.

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In the Afternoon

After a busy morning, you’re ready to enjoy some lunch. You sit with your friends at your usual table and chat over a meal that was prepared by the chef team. Your friend chooses a salmon Caesar salad and you pick a club sandwich with vegetable soup. 

After lunch, it’s time to head out on the excursion you signed up for a few weeks ago. You’re headed on the community bus to see a performance at a local theater followed by appetizers at a nearby restaurant that everyone has been eager to try. You grab your purse and head to the entrance, double-checking that you have some cash for concessions at the theater if you’d like.

In the Evening

The theater performance was amazing and appetizers were perfect. You’re still a bit hungry for dinner, so you sit down with friends to enjoy a meal. Tonight is a themed dinner and you’re thrilled with the tableside guacamole demonstration that is led by the community’s chef. After dinner, you head to the community room to get a seat for the mariachi band performance. You get a churro and non-alcoholic margarita on your way to your seat.

Caregivers are ready to assist you with your nighttime tasks and routine when you’re ready to call it a night. What a great day!

If assisted living sounds like it might be just right for your loved one, let the team here at iNavigate help to find you a community that suits your needs, preferences, and budget. Contact us to schedule your free consultation.

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