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Dangers of Isolation in Seniors

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

When you think about a typical day in your life, you likely interact with at least five people while going about your regular routine. You say hi to the barista at your favorite coffee shop, chat with co-workers about life and deadlines, and wave at the neighbor as you walk inside your home. For many older adults living at home alone, their life is not quite as full of opportunities to connect with others.

Lonely seniors are all too common, unfortunately. A study out of the University of Michigan notes that one in five older adults are socially isolated from friends and family. No matter if your aging loved one is at home alone or with a partner, they are at an increased risk for isolation, and all the dangerous health consequences that go along with it.

Lonely Seniors are Unhealthy Seniors

Older adults living alone are at an increased risk for isolation for a variety of reasons. For example, seniors are less likely to drive which can leave them less likely to attend their usual social events. Further, seniors living with chronic pain, memory loss, or complex medical condition could be less likely to feel confident venturing out for gatherings and meet-ups. No matter the reason for staying inside their home more often than not, isolation creeps up quickly, as do the negative health consequences.

Seniors who are isolated are more likely to experience perceived feelings of loneliness, depression, or anxiety. Further, the National Institute on Aging reports isolated seniors are at an increased risk for high blood pressure, obesity, cognitive decline, a compromised immune system, and even death.

Senior Living in Dallas-Fort Worth Could Be a Solution

Fortunately, lonely seniors can reduce their risk of health problems due to isolation by simply connecting with peers more frequently throughout their day. Admittedly, this is difficult when the senior is living at home alone or with a partner. However, senior living in Dallas-Fort Worth offers the opportunity to get connected and to start thriving.

Senior living communities throughout our area give residents the chance to interact with peers every day, to grow new friendships, and to support one another. Seniors living in a community are able to say hello to friends at meals in the dining room, check on a neighbor while strolling through the community’s garden, and grow a friendship by participating in events with peers sharing similar interests.

Consider Your Options

If your older adult loved one is living at home alone, even if they are doing so successfully, the risks of isolation are real. Senior living in Dallas-Fort Worth offers a variety of options for seniors of all abilities and challenges. From independent living to memory care, assisted living to residential care homes, there are bustling communities focused on wellness and social connection right in your neighborhood.

Call the team at iNavigate Senior Living Solutions. At no cost to you, our specialists find potential communities that will meet your needs and your budgets, keeping your loved one healthy and connected to the people around them. Let us be your guide while you find the community that fits, and where your loved one will thrive.

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